Wednesday, 25 March 2015

5 Tips For Buying a Handbag

Buying a new handbag can be a stressful thing, so to help ease the stress I've put together a few tips that might be worth reading before you take the plunge...

1. Don't rush into it. '50% off? For today only? A special offer for me? Omg I need this bag!' This has been me...on several occasions. It's not smart. Don't be lured in by the sales. After years of being lured into purchases that I regretted I have now become a considered purchaser. So much so that it takes me months to decide on my next handbag. I even write lists of pros and cons to help me decide as it can help to write it on paper and get it out of your head.

2. Do you need it? It's all well and good buying a neon green python skin box clutch, but when are you going to use it? Does it serve a purpose of fill a gap in your wardrobe? If the answer is no then you probably don't need it. Some things are beautiful but not practical. On the other hand if your life is fabulous enough that you require a neon green python skin box clutch then you go girl!

3. Don't settle for a bag that you don't love. I've also done this several times. Want a Chanel bag but can't afford it? It's ok I'll just get this Michael Kors in the mean time. No! If you want the Chanel, save for the Chanel. It might take you years but nothing will fill that gap and if you end up spending £1000 on three different bags you could have put that money towards your dream bag. I saved for what seemed like forever for my first Chanel bag, I set myself a rule that I wouldn't buy any other luxuries (clothes, shoes etc) and instead would put all that money towards my Chanel, because I wanted it more than anything. Same applies if the bag you want is out of stock - be patient, don't get something else in the mean time.

4. Quality over quantity. If you can then try and buy classic styles - you will love them forever and they will last just as long. They also won't decrease in value - brands such as Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton even tend to increase in value due to the price increases the brands have each year.

5. Buy what you love! Simple but true, if you love it buy it! Life is too short so don't be influenced by other people or trends, buy what's right for you. Everyone's tastes are different and what works for one person won't necessarily work for another so only ever be influenced by yourself. If I listened to other people I wouldn't have 90% of the bags I own and I love each and every one of them.

Happy Shopping!

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