Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Magical Trip To Disneyland

Last weekend Olly and I were in need of a Disney fix so we took a trip to the most magical place on Earth (apart from Florida)...Disneyland Paris! We took the Eurostar from St Pancras which was super easy and stayed at the Dreamcastle Hotel at Disneyland.

What we did...

We bought a 2 day ticket for the parks which was £113 each - I think 2 days is perfect as the parks aren't really big so one a day is fine. The queues were bigger than we expected but we still managed to get on all the rides we wanted to - our faves were Crush's Coaster, Tower of Terror and good old Thunder Mountain. On the day we arrived we had a little bit of spare time so we took the metro into Paris which took about 45 minutes and was about €8 each for a day travel card. We went to Notre Dame and put a lock on the 'love lock bridge' and then walked down the seine to the Eiffel Tower before heading back to the Disneyland bubble.

What we ate...

Anything and everything in the shape of Mickey Mouse. The food at Disney is also magical, where else can you get a stick of candyfloss twice the size of your head? Lots of sugar was consumed including crepes and cookies. Disney Village is great for food, we ate at Planet Hollywood one night (check out the banana split above) and also took regular trips to The Earl of Sandwich, which is definitely my new favourite sandwich shop. The food in the actual parks isn't so good and quite expensive so we found the best option was to leave the park at lunch and go into Disney Village and then just go back into the parks after as it's not too far to walk.

What I wore...

1. Trusty American Apparel disco pants in cranberry, Zara black faux leather jacket, H&M boots, red Ray Ban wayfarers

2. Beauty and the Beat pyjamas (my fave Disney film), a must for anyone going to Disneyland. I got mine in the sale at Topshop for £18 but Primark has an amazing selection of Disney pyjamas. You can get the shorts version of my beauty and the beast PJs here

3. I love these Minnie Mouse tights, they were a Christmas present from Olly's mum and I've been waiting for some warmer weather to wear them. I teamed them with grey wash Daisy shorts from Topshop and a long sleeved red top for the ultimate Minnie look. I got my shorts in the sale last year but you can still get them in other colours at Topshop

What I Bought...

Of course I didn't go to Disneyland to shop, but where there are shops I will shop!

1. Minnie Mouse sequin ears (a must have accessory for the park) and Olly's Goofy hat

2. Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum - I love all things Japanese and kawaii so this squishy Minnie is amazing! This is the medium one but I plan on getting some of the mini ones too. Here in the UK you can buy them at Clinton Cards. I've got my eye on Daisy Duck next. Take a look at the collection here

3. Minnie Mouse balloon (can you see a theme here?!). I love a helium balloon so I couldn't resist this gem. I managed to hit a lot of angry people on the head with this while walking round, alas I was gutted when it popped on our last day :( sun + helium balloon = no 

4. Ok so this has nothing to do with Disney and is actually The Simpsons but on our way to Disneyland we had to change trains at Lille and they had a shopping centre across the road. I found this cool underwear/loungewear shop called Undiz and they had a super cool new Simpsons range. I got these Bart leggings for €19.95 and character print shorts for €12.95. You can check Undiz out here and they also sell on asos but they haven't got the Simpsons collection

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  1. I've just found your blog, and it's one of the cutest I've seen! I'm also a big fan of anything Disney and I love your posts :) I've been to WDW Florida but I'm saving up to go to Disneyland Paris just before Christmas, I can't wait! :D
    Jamie -x-


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