Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Chanel Deauville Bowling Bag

So this month I clearly made the choice of Chanel over rent...but who could resist the beautiful new Chanel Deauville bowling bag? Chanel have released their 'Deauville' tote for several spring/summer seasons now and I've always loved the style but been put off by the tote shape and open top as the Deauville range is usually more of a casual beach style bag (the bag is named after a beautiful beach resort in France - one of Coco's favourite holiday resorts). So when I found the new structured version complete with zip closure I fell in love.

I had been planning on buying a new light coloured bag for summer and had a few different designers in mind but my heart always lies with Chanel at the end of the day. One of the reasons I chose this bag is because of it's practicality, yes it's canvas - which may fill some people with horror, but it's a thick, durable canvas and in my opinion is a great all weather bag - there's nothing worse than being caught in the rain with a beautiful leather handbag (which happens a lot in London). But I can't deny that it is of course the logo and '31 Rue Cambon' address that made me want (need) this bag. The logo is jacquared into the canvas, not printed, so there is no chance of it rubbing off either. It also has a slight vintagey look which I just love.

The bag has two sets of handles - leather structured top handles if you want to carry the bag in your hand or on the crook of you arm, and chain handles so the bag can also be worn on your shoulder. I just love a bag that has multiple options to carry it, it's almost like having two bags in one! I chose the larger size but there is also a smaller version available. There is a multitude of colours for the SS15 season which the SA showed me on her ipad - blue, denim, pink, orange. The large version is £1390 and available at Chanel boutiques now.


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