Sunday, 19 April 2015

Chanel O-Case

My mum bought me this super cute Chanel o-case as a present last year to add to my Chanel collection. She knew I'd been wanting a Chanel clutch and the O case is such a great price compared to the other clutches. Mine is the medium size and it's really versatile as you can use it a cosmetics bag, ipad mini case, travel pouch or clutch. Personally I like to use mine as a clutch as it's light but also spacious and makes any outfit look great.

I chose the tan in caviar leather with the CC embroidered on the front. I already have two black Chanel bags so I wanted to add a new colour and tan is a great neutral for summer outfits. I also love the caviar leather as it is hardwaring and easy to clean. The bag is not structured and has a material lining, there are also no inside pockets.

As it was a gift the Chanel sales associate wrapped it beautifully with Chanel wrapping paper, gold ribbon and glittery camelias. My o-case was £330 last year but there has been a price increase since so it would be best to check the price as your local Chanel boutique. 

I like to use mine for summery evenings, I used it last summer on holiday in New York when visiting a rooftop bar and teamed it with a nautical Zara dress and red Valentino rockstuds. I would definitely recommend the o-case and I'm already planning which colour to get next!


  1. I've been very tempted with similar styles on my visits to Chanel - they have some fab colours for Summer.


  2. They are really practical, I would love to get another in a summery colour, the patent fuchsia is gorgeous x


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