Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My 5 Favourite Places

1. Las Vegas - There is no where else in the world like Vegas. It really is just one big road of casinos but there is so much to do! You will never be bored in Vegas. Picking which hotel to stay in is tricky, but the good thing is that you can't really go wrong as they're all fantastic. The theme hotels are the best as they are the most unique, I stayed in the Venetian and you can even take a gondola ride in there. The hotels are huge and if you really wanted to you wouldn't have to leave your hotel for the entire holiday as there is everything under one roof. A trip to the Grand Canyon is a must and don't miss Fremont Street, it's 'old Vegas' which is pretty cool

My favourite things to do in Vegas; get a 99 cent frozen margarita at Fremont Casino, go on the roller coaster at New York New York, get a picture with the Vegas sign, get deep fried oreos at Mermaids

2. New York - An obvious choice but a truly amazing place. I was lucky enough to visit New York twice last year - in June and December which meant I got to see the city in summer and winter. New York is magical at Christmas, but SO cold! In contrast I had a near death experience when walking across the Brooklyn Bridge when it was 27 degrees in summer (fortunately a Mountain Dew saved my life). Go to New York if you want to shop, see a Broadway show, shop, eat a lot and shop

My favourite things to do in NY; see a Yankees game, drink cocktails at a rooftop bar (the press lounge is my fave), play on the big piano in FAO Schwartz

3. London - I might be biased since I live in London but there really is so much to see and do. I've lived here for 5 years and still have a huge 'things to do in London' list. London has something for everyone - whether you want to spend a lazy day in Hyde Park, soak up some culture at one of the many museums (V&A is my fave) or just go shopping. The tube and bus make it super easy to get around, although I love walking around London (if I know the way!)

My favourite things to do in London; get lost in Harrods and Selfridges, get a frosted chocolate brownie from Hummingbird Bakery, get a rowing boat on the Serpentine in Hyde Park, visit the queen at Buckingham Palace

4. Florida - It really is just a lovely sunny bubble of fun. There's just something about Florida that makes you really happy. I love a rollercoaster which means Florida is ideal for me. My favourite park is Busch Gardens (Sheikra is seriously the scariest thing I have ever done) but I also love the water parks. Florida is also great for shopping with all the outlets, I tend to stock up on Ugg boots! Take me back please!

My favourite things to do in Florida; eat your weight in cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory, have a Flaming Moe at Simpsons land in Universal Studios, dare to go on Summit Plummit at Blizzard Beach

5. Yorkshire - Out of all the places listed this is definitely my favourite. I was born and bred in Yorkshire so it holds a special place in my heart. I also spent 3 years at university in Leeds where I met the love of my life (cheesy!) so basically I have many reasons to love Yorkshire! Yorkshire is the biggest county in the UK and the Yorkshire countryside is without doubt the best in the country. The people are friendly and the air is clean, you'll also be able to get a pint for about £2.50, crazy times.

My favourite things to do in Yorkshire; visit the Yorkshire Dales and stop off at a good old Yorkshire pub, wander round the shambles in York, visit Forbidden Corner (the strangest place in the world), have lunch at Roots


  1. Want to visit all these places!! :)<3

    1. I hope you get chance to visit them soon! :) x

  2. Ahhh I wanna go Vegas and New York!!! :'(

    Shabna xx
    Visit me?

    1. I love them both! I really want to go back x

  3. We clearly have a lot in common as I too love Vegas, NY and Florida (with a special place for London working there!). I've just recently booked my next trip to Florida in Jan 2016 and already cannot wait to return.

    Victoria x

    1. Aw so jealous you are going back to Florida! It's such a fun holiday. Sounds like you have great taste in holidays :) x

  4. I have always wanted to go to Las Vegas and New York - but I am in Yorkshire so I still win! :)

    Martha -


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