Thursday, 28 May 2015

5 Places To Buy Cheap Designer Handbags

Nothing beats the thrill of finding a gorgeous handbag that is also on sale. Every girl loves a designer handbag, and every girl also loves a bargain. I've put together a list of my top recommendations on where to find cheap designer handbags. If you know any where else then I'd love to hear in the comments below

1. Yoox - this is an online retailer based in Italy - meaning they have a good relationship with a lot of the Italian fashion houses and manufacturers. They have hundreds of prestigious designers including Prada, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Valentino and Dior (I could go on forever - name a designer, they have it) all at discounted prices. I can't recommend this site enough, I have bought loads of stuff from here and it's really straight forward. The delivery is always quick and if you sign up to their email list they often send free delivery and promotional codes. It's also free to return (via UPS) so if something doesn't fit or you don't like it then just send it back. This means that a lot of things disappear/re-appear on the site as people return so if there's something you like that's sold out then keep checking. I also love their 'dream box' feature where you can save items you like. It will tell you if it's the last one available and they often have 'dream box' codes where you will get extra money off any items in your dream box. Check out Yoox here

2. The Outnet - Net a Porter's little sister, which interestingly was recently bought by Yoox. Loads of great discounted handbags, clothes and shoes on here. They have new drops on a daily basis so sign up to their email list to ensure you don't miss out as popular designers sell out quickly. Brands they get in often include Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Anya Hindmarch. They also occasionally have flash sales on brands like Christian Louboutin but I've never been successful with any of these (it's a bit like trying to get Glastonbury tickets - refresh, refresh, refresh...oh too late sold out!). You can find The Outnet here

3. TK Maxx - I have found so many amazing things in TK Maxx over the years. Yes it's hard work, which is why a lot of people don't like it, but if you put the time and effort in you can find some real gems. A lot of their stock is old season or seconds but that doesn't bother me, if I like something I like it, regardless of whether it is on trend or not. It's also luck of the draw in here, sometimes you can go in for several weeks and find nothing, or you can go in and find tonnes. 'Gold Label' is how TK Maxx label their designer stuff, so look out for these tags or gold label sections in store. Some of the less known designers clothes and handbags often get reduced as people don't know who they are - so check the sale rail too. The best TK Maxx store for designer handbags is High Street Kensington in London, but the Hammersmith and Covent Garden branches also carry loads of designer stuff. Most of the stores outside of London don't have designer things but you can get lucky as they move stock around if it isn't selling and people can return things to another store. TK Maxx do sell gold label on line but it tends to be more expensive than in store. Some of the best things I've seen in TK Maxx include a Chanel J12 watch and Celine clutch bag. Wet your appetite by checking out the gold label handbags section on their website here

4. Designer Exchange - This is a chain of shops in the UK with locations in London, Birmingham and Manchester. They specialise in pre loved handbags and sell all the top brands including Hermes and Chanel. All the bags are authenticated by the team in house and the selection is incredible. As the name suggests they also exchange, so you can trade in one of your unwanted bags for a new one. You can take a look at the website here but this is only a handful of their stock so it's best to go into one of the stores so you can see the bags in person. There's new stock everyday so follow them on Instagram so keep up to date

5. Bicester Village - Ah I love Bicester Village. So. Many. Good. Shops. Bicester Village is a shopping outlet based n Oxford, think one of those American outlet villages in's just like that! It has hundreds of shops to cater for all tastes but my faves are Dior, Burberry and Jimmy Choo. This place gets seriously busy on a weekend so unless you're willing to queue I would advise to go on a weekday, it's still really busy but if you get there for 9am then you can easily get around all the shops. One of my top tips of Bicester Village is not to get caught up in all the discounts, a lot of the brands have stock that is 'outlet only' which means it has specifically been developed to be sold in an outlet store. This means the style and quality is not the same as you would get in the brands shop. For example the Burberry macs are about 50% off, but some of them are lower quality and aren't made in England. Like with all other outlets stock varies on a day to day basis, and a lot of the stores do stock sale/end of line items as well as 'outlet only', but don't get your hopes up for finding that dream bag, as it's hit and miss. Find out more about Bicester Village here


  1. Great tip on TK Maxx, the one where I live is awful but will check the Londons ones out! Another place to get discounted designer is in the after Christmas sales, Mulberry, Harrods and Selfridges always have such good stuff!

    Simply Shell xo

    1. Very true I love a good sale! Can't wait for the summer sales :) x


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