Tuesday, 30 June 2015

DIY Disney Tsum Tsum Skirt

Now I'm not claiming to be the next Coco Chanel when it comes to making clothes, but I did study textiles at university and I like to think I'm naturally creative, so when I ordered this tsum tsum fabric from Etsy recently my creative juices were flowing thinking about what I could make with it. Unfortunately I don't have my sewing machine or mannequin with me in London as I don't have enough space, so I keep them at my parents house, which limited me a bit on what I could make! But I wasn't going to let that stand in my way so I got out my needle and thread.

Honestly this only took me about an hour and a half to make (and it would be much quicker if you have a sewing machine!). I didn't follow a pattern as I never do when I make clothes, I'm more of a 'just go for it and see how it turns out' kinda girl. I picked up a couple of things from the haberdashery (which by the way are really hard to find in West London! I usually go to one when I visit my parents up north) and in total everything only cost me about £15, with £12.50 of that being the material, so not bad really. To make life a little easier I used hemming web for the bottom hem as I didn't have a sewing machine.

What I used...
Tsum Tsum fabric
 Thick black elastic
  Hemming web
  Needle & black thread

The steps I took...
  Iron fabric to remove creases
  Measure elastic around your waist for the waistband
  Cut elastic and sew together at each end (overlap a bit for strength)
  Measure material for length and width - the easiest way to do this is just wrap it round yourself and pin it
  Cut material and ensure you have some room at the bottom for the hem
  Cut hemming tape to same width as skirt
  Insert hemming tape into fold at bottom of skirt and seal with a hot iron - leave to sit for 10 mins
  Attach fabric to elastic waistband with pins - make sure you add enough pleats so that you can get your skirt on and off easily and the elastic isn't restricted! (I'll admit mine was a bit tight!!)
  Once you're happy with the size and the pleats then sew the skirt and elastic together
  Finally sew up the seam at the back

Is anyone else a bit Tsum Tsum obsessed at the moment?!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Kawaii Box: May

This month I received my second kawaii box (you can read the review of my April box here) and just like last time I was super excited when it arrived! I was a little bit frustrated that this months box took a little longer to be delivered, it had been 6 weeks since my last box so I was getting major kawaii withdrawal symptoms. So what's in this months box?

♥ Notebook set
♥ Bubblegum
♥ Rilakkuma mini letter set
♥ Chocolate bare comb/mirror
♥ Alpaca stickers
♥ Harajuku crepe charm
♥ Bow hair band
♥ Alpaca eraser
♥ Panda colour pen
♥ Banana mini plush
♥ Doughnut squishy
♥ Alpaca card holder

As you can see there were a lot of alpaca goodies this month and I think the alpaca stickers are my favourite item, I just love stickers! I stick them all over my computer screen at work and I'm sure people think I'm crazy. I also love the alpaca eraser as he's just so cute and sparkly. I'll be using the card holder to hold my oyster card which I'm sure will brighten up my commute!

I am chewing the bubblegum as I type this and its' pretty yummy, I'm a big fan of bubblegum and I love to blow huge bubbles (that then pop all over my face). The hairband will definitely come in useful as I always wear my hair up on the evenings and weekends and how cute is the chocolate bar comb/mirror! This is perfect for my handbag. I love kawaii stationery so the notebook set, mini letter set and pen will always come in handy. You can subscribe to Kawaii Box here

I'm excited for my June box but a little bit sad as it will be my last one. What do you think of this months kawaii box? What's your favourite item?

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Cereal Killer Cafe Camden

I am a self confessed cereal enthusiast, so when the Cereal Killer Cafe opened a new branch in Camden I couldn't wait to go. The original Cereal Killer Cafe opened in Shoreditch last year, however living on the opposite side of London and with the tubes usually being down on a weekend means I just never had chance to go, so I was very pleased when a new cafe opened in Camden as this is much closer to where we live and easy to get to.
We had a little bit of trouble finding the cafe as it's a bit hidden away but we were glad we perceveired and didn't give into the many other foodie stalls on the way (Crispy Candy is always very tempting if you love a deep friend Mars Bar like me!). The shop front is super cool as the sign was made from old Disney VHS tapes - amazing. There is also an outside seating area which we took full advantage of since the weather was quite nice.

There are loads and loads of cereals to choose from - round, square, sugary, cinnamony, fruity, chocolatey...you get the idea! There are mainly British and American cereals and of course I was drawn to the American section straight away. I chose the Spongebob Squarepants cereal (it was in the shape of mini Spongebobs and Patricks!) and opted to add dried marshmallows on top. Olly chose chocolate toast crunch and also added marshmallows. You can choose from a range of toppings and also different milk flavours, such as bubblegum, but we just went for good old whole milk. There are also cereal 'cocktails' on the menu which are pre-made mix ups if you can't decide what to have.

Our inner geek also crept out while we were there and we just had to purchase one of the cereal killer sticker packs, gotta love a sticker. Overall the experience was very enjoyable and great if you want to do something a little bit different. Have you been to Cereal Killer Cafe? What do you think of a cafe that only sells cereal?

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

What's On My Dressing Table: June

1. Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation - I am a huge fan of Bobbi Brown so when this new foundation came out I couldn't wait to try it. It's not only a foundation but also a serum that feeds your skin - so it also does good! The texture is silky smooth and it also smells amazing. A huge bonus for me is that it is SPF 40, as I have really pale skin, thank you Bobbi! You can buy the skin serum foundation here

2. Tony Moly Panda Dream Brightening Eye Base - this little stick is great for brightening up the dark circles under you eyes, and the cute packaging is a bonus! Read my full review of this and other Tony Moly products here

3. Evian Facial Spray - I love this spray it's so refreshing for hot and humid days in London. It hydrates and refreshes your skin and is the perfect size to pop in your handbag in summer. It's only £2.99 for the 50ml spray, available here

4. Mavala Nail Varnish Set - My mum bought this little nail varnish set for me and I love that the bottles are small as they're great for travel. It includes a base and top coat as well as 4 colours - my fave is the very summery 'Vegas Pink'. Shop Mavala here

5. Jo Malone White Lilac & Rhubarb Candle - I've been loving this candle ever since I bought it last month, it just smells amazing. Read my full review of it here

I also seem to have a bit of an obsession with putting flowers in Chanel paper bags at the moment, they just look so pretty!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

3D False Kawaii Nails

Recently I tried doing DIY 3D Kawaii nails (you can see how I got on here) and although they looked great they were a bit tricky and I wanted to try something a little more ott! So when I came across the shop Aya1gou on Etsy I was so excited. She is based in Japan and hand makes all the nails in her shop. Everything is made to order so dispatch time can be a week or so but I love the fact that she is based in Japan as it means the nails have a proper kawaii feel. The nails vary in price depending on the style but the ones I chose were £15.64. Despite the nails being shipped from Japan the postage was only £1.67.

The nails are really easy to apply and you can choose to include nail stickers for a small price if you need them, otherwise you can use nail glue if you want them to last longer. When I received the parcel I was sooo excited, first of all because how cute is the packaging?! There were even some little kawaii stickers included, amazing. I must say that the nails look even better in real life, they look great in the Etsy shop but this really doesn't do them justice. They also look really realistic - you can select the best size for your nail (S, M or L) to ensure you get the perfect fit - this is usually a problem for me with false nails as I have little fingers so they often look too big on me. The nails are also really lightweight and comfortable despite the fact that they have lots of decorations on.

I'm already excited to order another set, I just don't know which to choose though!

What do you think of kawaii nails? Love them or hate them?

Thursday, 18 June 2015

6 Things That Are Making Me Happy This Month: June

1. Chanel Flowers - I bought these lovely red, white and pink roses in Waitrose and decided to display them in a Chanel paper bag that I had on my dressing table. I think it makes a really nice display in our bedroom and looks lovely next to my Chanel No.5 Print on our fireplace

2. Hummingbird Bakery - I am a little bit obsessed with Hummingbird Bakery. There is one near our flat so on the weekend I am always finding an excuse to go there! As if the cakes weren't good enough how cute is the pink cup? My faves are the frosted brownie (uh-mazing) and the red velvet cake. Take a look at their website here to see where your nearest one is and check out the cakes :) yummy

3. Pink Docs - I'd been looking for a pair of pink docs but didn't want the fuchsia ones as they're a bit bright for me. I found out they did some baby pink patent ones a few years ago and fell in love but unfortunately I was a bit late to the party! Luckily I tracked down a brand new pair in my size on Ebay...fate! I have teeny tin feet so can buy the children's shoes which means they're much cheaper. These are perfect for trips to Camden in the summer

4. Brandon Flowers - I am loving Brandon Flowers new album The Desired Effect. I am also a little bit obsessed with him (how can one man be so good looking?! Is he even human?). Me and Olly went to see him on his UK tour at the end of last month at Brixton Academy. It was amazing. If you're a fan of The Killers but haven't heard his solo stuff then go listen, you won't be disappointed

5. Picnic Basket - One thing I love about summer is picnics so I was thrilled to find this super cute fruity picnic basket on sale in House of Fraser. I now just need the weather to warm up a little bit so we can use it, bring on the prosecco and cocktail sausages (Quorn, of course ;) ). You can find the picnic basket here

6. Japanese Kit Kats - I have recently re-kindled my love for Japanese Kit Kats. They have loads of crazy flavours like green tea, strawberry cheesecake and banana (I still haven't dared to try the chilli one!). Unfortunately you can't buy these in your local Tesco, but the amazing Tofu Cute have a great selection, I think I want everything from this website!

What's been making you happy this month? I'd love to know, let me know in the comments below :)

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Disney Vans

Like many others I was super excited when Vans announced their collaboration with Disney. As a long time Disney geek and Vans fan this seemed like the perfect combo. I couldn't decide what to order at first as a few of the designs appealed to me but I just couldn't resist the cute Minnie Mouse design and bought 3 things from this range - shoes, raglan top and backpack. 

The shoes and backpack are made from a thick canvas which is good quality and I can see myself using them a lot. I've been wanting a funky backpack for a while and this ticked all the boxes. The raglan top is really easy to wear and I think I'll wear this a lot on the weekend.

Raglan top - £25 here
Backpack - £35 here
Shoes - £52 here
Shorts - Topshop last year

What do you think of the Disney Vans range? Have you bought anything from it?

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Tony Moly Cosmetics

I'm a sucker for cute packaging, so when I discovered the Tony Moly cosmetics range recently I was like omg I need this in my life! The range can be pretty difficult to find in the UK but luckily I tracked down a UK stockist called Bits and Bobs of Beauty who specialise in Korean cosmetics, you can find them here.

The prices are pretty cheap and I just love having these little cuties on my dressing table. I bought 4 products but will definitely be buying some more, here's what I got...

Panda Dream Brightening Eye Base - this little stick brightens under eyes and hides dark circles. It's easy to apply and is handy to put in your handbag
♥  Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist - refreshing facial spray, you can get this for dry or oily skin - I got the one for oily skin. I like to spray this on my face before bed or in the morning to wake my skin up
♥  Panda's Dream Eye Patch - refreshing eye patches, leave on for 20-30 minutes for brighter looking eyes. These are nice to use if you're having a bit of a pamper night
♥  Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (I actually bought this one on Ebay here) - a moisturising tinted lip balm, I've got the grape flavour but there are 9 different flavours all with different cute faces. This is lovely and moisturising and a really handy size to carry round

Have you tried Tony Moly cosmetics before? Do you love the packaging as much as me?!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

6 Pretty Things I'm Wanting Right Now

1. Ice Cream Shoes here
2. Pencils here
3. Notebook here
4. Hummingbird Bakery Book here
5. Pineapple Candle here
6. Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera here

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Summer Spots and Polka Dots

This is the first time I have done an outfit post so I hope you like it! I love wearing polka dots and with summer coming I'm wearing them more and more so I thought I'd write a post about my favourite polka dot pieces at the moment. I'm loving the website Pink Boutique recently which is wear I bought the 3 pieces featured in this post. Their prices are really good and so is the quality. I also feel like I'm supporting a local business since they're based in the North East which is where I'm from :)

1. Blue Polka Dot Dress - £16.95 here
2. Polka Dot Jeans - £29.95 here
3. Pink Polka Dot Dress £12.95 - this was sold out when I came to publish the post but you can get a similar one here for £12.99
4. Belt - £3.99 H&M
5. Shoes - £4 Primark 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

My 10 Step Daily Beauty Routine

1. Moisturiser - I'm not loyal to a particular moisturiser and like to try new ones. At the moment I'm using Nivea daily essentials sensitive day cream as I've got sensitive skin and I find this one doesn't irritate my skin and helps with redness

2. Shavata Arch Enhancer - I swear by this eyebrow arch enhancer, I have been using it for about 10 years and it really makes a difference to your brows

3. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation - I have really pale skin so find it difficult to find a foundation to match my skin tone. I was so pleased when I found this Bobbi Brown one as the porcelain shade is perfect for me. I love this foundation and apply it with the Bobbi Brown foundation brush which feels lovely and makes my foundation nice and even and easy to apply. This foundation is light and doesn't go cakey but provides good coverage, it's also really good for covering redness.

4. Bobbi Brown Touch Up Stick - to cover any blemishes I use this concealer, again in porcelain. I like to keep all my make-up with one brand as it means all the colours are consistent and I don't end up with any orangey patches. I find this concealer provides good coverage and is really easy to use.

5. Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation - to set my foundation and concealer I use this powder which I apply with a powder brush. I really like the shade and consistency of the powder however sometimes I find it doesn't last all day, so I'm looking to find a new setting powder. Let me know if you know any good ones!

6. Chanel Eyelash Curlers - I believe that all good eyelashes start with a good eyelash curler, and without the right eyelash curler your mascara won't do anything. I spend a looong time curling my eyelashes each morning. My favourite eyelash curlers are the Chanel ones, unfortunately they were limited edition a few christmases ago but they still sell them in the the Chanel make-up boutique in Covent Garden and in France. If you can't get your hands on them then I find the Shu Uemura ones are next best

7. Lancome Hypnose Mascara - this is my favourite everyday mascara. The brush is easy to use and I find it lasts all day without flaking or being too heavy on my lashes. It's also easy to remove which is is a bonus, I would definitely recommend it.

8. Bobbi Brown Blusher - this was actually the first product I bought from Bobbi Brown and it started my love affair with the brand. As I have pale skin I have to be careful with blushers but I find the nude pink is the perfect shade for me. I apply this with the blusher brush

9. Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Kit - I naturally have quite big, dark eyebrows so I don't need to spend ages on my brows but a little touch up with the Bobbi Brown eyebrow palette definitely makes a difference.

10. Chanel No.5 - finally a spritz of my fave good old No.5 and I'm good to go!

What's your daily beauty routine or your favourite make up brand?

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