Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Hyper Japan Haul

On Saturday I went to Hyper Japan at the O2 in London, which is an event for lovers of all things Japanese and kawaii. There are shows, demonstrations, food and stalls...lots of stalls! So many stalls that I may have bought a few too many things, oopsie. So I thought I would write a haul post to show you all what I picked up and the stalls I got them from (if I can remember)

Glittery super long false nails - £5 Dreamy Bows
Glittery multi colour 3D false nails - £8 Dreamy Bows
Panda cookie cutters - £6 Tofu Cute
3 kawaii badges - £1 Tofu Cute
Cat page markers - £1.50 Tofu Cute
Korilakkuma bento box - £6 JP Books
Kera magazine - £6 JP Books
Hello Kitty pocky - £1.50 Tofu Cute
Polka dot strawberry pocky - Japan Centre
Choco Banana pocky - £1.50 Tofu Cute
Totoro sweet bread - Japan Centre
Burger DIY candy kit - £6 Tofu Cute
Panda biscuits - Japan Centre

I think my favourite item I bought is the sets of false nails as I just love kawaii nails. I have no idea what I will wear the super long ones for but they are just so pretty and glittery. I am also sooo excited to use the burger DIY candy kit - you even get to make the fries! Although I fear this could go terribly wrong since I can't read Japanese so I will kinda just have to guess how to make them. I might do a few more posts about some specific items I bought, such as the false nails, cookie cutters etc once I've had chance to use them and try them out. Oh also the Totoro sweet bread was amazing - like a donut thing with custard in the middle, who knew Totoro was so delicious?


  1. WOW! I wish I could have been in London I bet this was absolutely spectacular! Incredible haul, those kawaii nails will look amazing on you I'm sure! I've had that burger set before and it was so much fun, I'm sure you will really enjoy it a lot! You can follow along with this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CbJYqXIVr0 that's what I did! :D TOTORO BREAD THAT IS AMAZING! I'm obsessed with custard doughnuts, but add Totoro in the mix and you've got pure magic!! xxxxx


    1. Ahh thank you so much for the you tube link! Might try and make them this weekend :) The Totoro bread is literally like the best food I've even seen! They also had a Hello Kitty one, I wish I'd got it because the Totoro was so yummy x

  2. Oh wow! The nails look amazing!!
    Jennie Emma

    1. The nails are so cool! I love false kawaii nails :) x

  3. Replies
    1. There was so much more stuff I could have bought! I had to restrain myself haha x

  4. That sounds so awesome. I would need to bring a lot of money for one of those. I always get stuck browsing at stalls!! I love the nails and those DIY candy kits are too adorable.

    1. I'm so excited to use the DIY candy kit, it looks so much fun! Also really excited to give the nails a try. There were so many amazing stalls was so difficult choosing what to buy! x

  5. Everything looks so nice!Especially those nails,they look amzing!Great post!


    1. Thank you! :) I can't wait to try out the nails I am such a sucker for pretty glittery nails! x

  6. Thank you for the follow on Bloglovin. OMG i love your blog!! Everything is so kawaii ^_^


  7. I'm so gutted I didn't get a chance to go along to this as I think it'd have been such fun!

    Victoria x

  8. You got so many lovely things!! I didn't book my accommodation in time and in the end I couldn't afford to go... again :') I will try to go next year!

    Dannie x


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