Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Disneyland Paris Tag

A bit of a different post for me today! I've seen this tag floating around on a few people's blogs and love reading them so thought I would give it a go. I'm not usually a tag person but I couldn't resist this one!

1. How old were you when you first visited DLP?

I think I was 10 and we went on a family holiday to Paris, I was SO excited for Disney! I also genuinely thought the Hunchback Notre Dame lived in Notre Dame...

2. Which of the Disney hotels have you stayed in, if any, and do you have a favourite?

I haven't stayed at any of the actual 'Disney' hotels, but when I went in March we stayed at the Dream Castle Hotel which is right next to the Disney complex. The price was really good and we loved it. If you're interested you can read my post about my trip here

3. Let us in on where the best places to eat within both parks and the Disney Village are.

My fave has got to be Planet Hollywood, I love it there and they have the most incredible desserts! I must admit I'm not a huge fan on any of the restaurants in the actual parks I just love getting all the snacks like candy floss and crepes yum!

4. Where is your first port of call when entering the Disneyland Park?

The castle of course! Straight down main street to get a piccy with the castle. Then I'd usually go into Fantasy Land and go on some of the smaller rides first

5. Do you have a favourite ‘land’? If so why?

Definitely Fantasy Land! In case you didn't already know I am a little bit Disney Princess obsessed so I just love Fantasy Land it's so magical

6. Which ride could you ride over and over and never tire of?

I'd probably have to say Thunder Mountain as it's such a fun ride but doesn't make you feel sick

7. Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios park?

Disneyland Park, although Disney Studios has some really good rides, but you just can't beat the atmosphere in the original park

8. Tell us about your favourite character meeting ever at DLP.

Do you know what I've never met a character at Disneyland! How crazy is that. But I'm definitely hoping to meet a few in Florida next year

9. What is a parade/show from any year that is most memorable to you?

Ooh do you know what I don't know what it was called but the one from the first year I ever went was incredible, I loved it so much I bought the CD soundtrack and listened to it all summer!

10. You can only ride one – Mad Hatters Teacups or Dumbo the Flying Elephant?

Mad Hatters Teacups, love that ride!

11. What do you think is the best attraction in the Walt Disney Studios park?

Tower of Terror because it makes me scream and hysterically laugh at the same time

12. Describe your happiest Disneyland Paris memory of all time.

When I bought the Belle dress when I was 10! I had wanted it for so long and couldn't find it anywhere and there it was, in the costume shop on Main Street. I made my dad carry it round for the rest of the day and got very stressed it would fly off while we were on Thunder Mountain!

Let me know if you've done this tag too, I'd love to read your answers!


  1. Beautiful photo! I really want to visit <3


    1. Oh you need to go! It wasn't even very expensive when we went in March :) x

  2. I absolutely love this tag, how did i not know about this? :') Definitely need to do this one! Best place ever!x


    1. It's such a fun tag isn't it! Let me know if you do it would love to read your answers :) x

  3. I already knew that Fantasy Land would be your favorite land before reading the answer hehe, and I have to agree with you! That photo is amazing, it makes me want to go back to Disneyland so bad! xxxxx


    1. Haha I know it's pretty obvious I would be a huge Fantasy Land fan isn't it! I swear I was a Disney princess in another life ;) x

  4. I've only been to Paris once and do keep thinking about booking up as it seems silly when it's not far away. I am off to Florida in January tho so I think I can wait!!

    Victoria x

    1. Florida will be amazing!! Yeah maybe go to Paris the following year or something...me and Olly have said that we're going to do alternate years, so Paris one year, Florida the next haha x

  5. I'd happily ride Big Thunder over and over again, but it's always the Castle I go to first. I was wondering if you wanted to join in with my Disneyland Paris: This or That tag which I've created as I'd love to know your favourites when it comes to Disneyland Paris

    Lizi (itslizi.wordpress.com)


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