Tuesday, 15 December 2015

5 Things You Need To Do In New York At Christmas

New York is the most magical place at Christmas and although I won't be going there this year (sob) I did go last year and it was just amazing. It had always been my dream to go to New York at Christmas as you see it on the movies and it just looks so fun. I wasn't a blogger at the time so didn't write about it but it's never too late right? So here's my 5 favourite things to do in New York at Christmas

1. See the Rockefeller Christmas Tree - like seriously it's huge! I know it looks big on TV and everything but it's actually the biggest tree ever. Definitely not one to miss. There's always carol singers around as well which makes you feel like you're actually in Elf or something

2. Go ice skating - there are loads of ice rinks around New York at Christmas. The biggest is probably Central Park but the one at Rockefeller under the tree is really special

3. Visit the Christmas Markets - there was a really cool Christmas market at Columbus Circle which had loads of craft and food stalls. It's ideal for Christmas presents and the prices are really good. My mum got a gorgeous tortoiseshell bangle for about $20 (which I would like to steal from her)

4. See all the department store decorations - It's no secret that Americans go all out at Christmas, and the department stores are no exception. A walk along 5th Avenue is just magical and totally different to London

5. Be a big kid in Toys R Us Times Square - you know all those super cool toy shops in films like Elf and Home Alone 2? That's pretty much what this shop is like (FYI it has a full size working ferris wheel in the middle - awesome). I could honestly spend all day in there. I would have said go to FAO Schwarz but it devastatingly closed down earlier this year :(

P.S. Wrap up warm...it was freezing! I wore a thermal long sleeve top, jumper, thermal leggings, jeans, thermal socks, ugg boots, ski jacket, thermal gloves and ear muffs and I was still a little bit cold!!


  1. New York at Christmas time has been on my bucket list for years and I mean years, since I first saw Home alone 2. I went in June some years back and loved it but it wasn't the same because it wasn't Christmas time so I definitely need to go back and do all these things

    Moments with Belle

    1. Yeah all the Christmas films really made me want to go! (That reminds me I need to watch Home Alone 2 this year!). I went in June last year also and although I loved it at Christmas, in summer I found you could do a lot more exploring as the weather was so lovely :) xx

  2. I finally got to New York last summer and it's the best place I've ever been to! But I've always wanted to go at Christmas ever since I watched Home Alone: Lost in New York!!!


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