Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day! And love it or hate it you can't get away from it. Personally I love it, but thats because I love any excuse for presents and to eat a lot. Although me and Olly celebrate Valentine's Day we don't go crazy, we prefer to have a nice quiet one in the flat with a nice meal and a bottle of champagne. This year we made a deal that I would pay for and cook dinner, since Olly had already bought me some gifts and I hadn't planned on getting him anything! We got one of the 'dine in' meals from Waitrose for £20 which we ate last night and it was pretty nice, although we were very full afterwards!

Olly never disappoints me with his presents (as you might have seen from my anniversary post) and I am very cliche in that I love flowers, cuddly toys, chocolate and jewellery....and I got all 4 haha! My first present was the roses which Olly gave me on Friday. He met me at the tube station after work so we could walk home together and he was waiting there holding a bunch of 3 roses (each of which he had picked individually from a local florist!) it was the cutest thing ever. Then this morning he gave me my other 4 presents which were a giant Toblerone, Pandora charm, octopus cuddly toy (which I had tweeted about saying I loved) and a box of limited edition Valentine's Tsum Tsums. 

I think the Tsum Tsums are my favourite gift as I've never actually seen this set before and each one is dressed in a cute little valentines outfit with hearts and bows and omg they're just so cute! For the rest of the day we are probably going to go for a walk round our local park and stop for lunch in the cafe. It's nice and sunny here in London, although very cold! Have you got any plans for Valentine's Day?


  1. So thoughtful and sweet! Hope your day is filled with love and happiness! xxxxx

  2. Aww how sweet is your bf!? I hope the rest of your Valentine's Day is just wonderful!

    Renee | Lose the Road

  3. Looks like you've had a great day! x



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