Saturday, 26 March 2016

Super Easy Mars Bar Easter Crispie Cakes

Now it just wouldn't be Easter unless I ate twice my bodyweight in chocolate and ended up feeling sick for the next week, and these Mars Bars crispie cakes certainly contribute to that. I make these crispie cakes quite often as they are literally Olly's favourite thing ever, and he doesn't even like sweet things, so they must be good right? They are sooo easy to make, and even easier to eat oops. There's only 3 ingredients (minus the mini eggs for decoration!) so you definitely don't need to be a baking guru to give these a go.

♥ 5 Mars Bars
♥ 150g butter
♥ Rice Crispies
♥ Mini Eggs

♥ Chop mars bars into pieces and place in a heatproof bowl on top of a pan of simmering water
♥ Add the butter
♥ Mix together until fully melted
♥ Remove bowl from pan and mix in rice crispies, I didn't measure how many I put in I just guessed
♥ Spoon into cake cases
♥ Add mini eggs for decoration
♥ Put in the fridge to set for a couple of hours

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

What's On My Dressing Table: March 2016

1. Shavata Arch Enhancer Pencil - I have been using this pencil for years now and I swear by it! It really enhances the shape of your eyebrows and also helps to cover up any pesky stray hairs. I really notice a difference if I don't use it. The price is also pretty decent at £11.50. You can buy it here

2. Burberry Nail Varnish - I've actually had these for a while now but I've been using them loads recently. The formula is great and I find they are so easy and smooth to apply, the brush is the perfect size and coats nails really well. There are loads of gorgeous colours but I went for the classic Poppy (black), Oxblood (red) and Nude Pink. They also came in a really lovely Burberry box. They are £15 each and you can buy them here

3. Bobbi Brown Mini mask Trio - I have been loving these mini face masks recently, they are perfect if you want to try out some new masks Read my full review and find out which is my favourite here 

4. Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer - Now I didn't actually plan on buying this, I asked the lady at Bobbi Brown for the touch up stick as that's what I usually use, but when I got home I realised she'd given me this instead. I was intrigued as I love the intensive skin serum foundation, however this concealer is £7 more expensive that the touch up stick and is liquid instead of solid. So far it seems ok, but I think I'll stick with the touch up stick going forward as I don't find liquid concealers have as much coverage. You can read more about it here

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Recent Disney Purchases & Gifts: March

♥ Princess Mugs - How awesome are these mugs from the Disney Fairytale collection?! My friend got me 6 different characters but I am loving Rapunzel, Snow White and Ariel the most! These are from Disney Store but I couldn't find them on the website

♥ Tsum Tsum Easter Basket - I am so glad I got this Tsum Tsum Easter basket! My friend knew I wanted one but missed out when they went on sale so she sourced one for me, amazing. They are all SO cute

♥ Mickey Mouse NY Tsum Tsum - One of my friends went to New York last month and the only thing I asked for was this Mickey Mouse Tsum. I already have Statue of Liberty Minnie so this is a great additiona to my collection

♥ Tsum Tsum Pins - My friend got these for me and they are so cool! Tsum Tsum obsession definitely reached a new level. Buy them from Disney here

♥ Mickey Mouse Shorts - These are the only Disney item I have actually bought myself this month, everything else has very kindly been given to me by my lovely friends. These were £4 in Primark and I bought them for my holiday to Florida!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Lucky Charm Milkshake Cupcakes

As it's St Patrick's day tomorrow I thought I'd make some themed cupcakes, because I love any excuse to eat cake. I've been wanting to make some Lucky Charm cupcakes for a while and what better occasion than St Patrick's Day? But these aren't just any Lucky Charm cupcakes....they are Lucky Charm Milkshake cupcakes! And that's because instead of using regular icing sugar I used strawberry milkshake flavour icing and it is a thing of dreams. The icing sugar was plain white which was perfect as I wanted to add green food colouring.  These were super easy to make and I've listed the recipe below if you'd like to try giving them a go yourself

For The Cakes
♥ 110g caster sugar
♥ 110g soft butter
♥ 110g self raising flour
♥ 2 medium eggs

For The Icing
♥ 150g soft butter
♥ 350g strawberry milkshake icing sugar
Green food colouring
Lucky Charm marshmallows

♥ Mix butter and sugar together until smooth
♥ Beat eggs in a separate bowl and then mix this in with the butter and sugar mix
♥ Gradually add in the flour and combine until smooth
♥ Spoon into cake cases
♥ Bake for 20 minutes at 180C
♥ Mix butter and icing sugar in a bowl
Add food colouring - I used a full tube of gel colouring
♥ Spoon icing into piping bag
♥ Once the cakes are fully cool ice them and then add decorations 

Are you doing anything to celebrate St Patrick's Day?

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Super Cute Kawaii Cards From KIO

Is anyone else obsessed with buying cute cards? I can regularly be found browsing the aisles of Paperchase looking for cards to stock up on, usually when I don't even have a reason to buy them! So I was thrilled when KIO Cards contacted me asking whether I would like to review some of their cards. I had a look on their website and absolutely fell in love with the kawaii style. It was so difficult to decide which cards to choose as they are all so beautiful.

The first card that jumped out at me was definitely the Koukla Russian Doll! It is just so cool and not like any card I have seen before, it really is unique. All of KIO's cards are handmade and the detail in the Russian Doll card in particular is just beautiful. In fact I love this design so much that I decided to put it in a little frame so I can display it in our flat. I just couldn't bear to part with it! 

The other two designs I chose were the Keiko Kitty and Bobbi Blue Bunny. Both of these cards can be personalised which I think is a really nice feature. Again the detail in each card is really impressive and how cute are they?! I would certainly love to receive one of these for my birthday. But the designs aren't just limited to birthday, KIO cater for pretty much every occasion including anniversary, new baby, father's day and many more. If you love the kawaii style of KIO cards as much as me then definitely check out their website and Instagram for cuteness overload!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

How To Look After Your Handbags

So you've saved up for what seems like forever to purchase the bag of your dreams, but how should you look after it once you've brought it home and started using it? Here are my top tips for looking after your little babies...

1. Leather Protector - of course the best thing you can do to protect your bag is to prevent it getting dirty or damaged in the first place. Although this can't always be fully avoidable, using a leather protector gel or spray can help to waterproof your bag and repel stains. Simply apply the gel with a cloth and lave overnight to fully dry/air. My favourite is the Collonil leather gel which is recommend by Mulberry. If your bag is suede, which can be quite delicate, then a suede spray is great

2. Storage - if your beautiful new handbag has come with a dustbag then I would always recommend storing it in this. I also keep the original stuffing the bag came with and put this back inside when I'm not using the bag so it keeps it's shape. Try to store your bags upright, if you lie them down or on their side they might become mishapen. I have a dedicated 'handbag shelf' in my bedroom where I keep all my bags in their dustbags

3. Silica Gel - You know those little sachets you get inside new things that say 'OMG DO NOT EAT YOU WILL DIE' well that's silica gel, and it's actually pretty useful. It's purpose is to absorb moisture so it will keep your bags fresh and prevent them from any mould or condensation. Leather is a natural material and therefore can be susceptible to mould so I like to store a couple of sachets of silica gel inside each of my bags just to be safe. They're pretty cheap and you can buy them from Amazon. Just remember to replace them every couple of months 

4. Handbag Raincoat - I cannot recommend this product enough! I bought it in September and it has saved my life on many occasions. It's basically a little raincoat to stop your handbag getting wet in a downpour, I wrote a full post about it here. If your bag does happen to get wet then gently dab it with kitchen roll and leave to air. If necessary stuff the inside with kitchen roll also while it dries, this helps to keep it's shape and will soak up any excess water that may have creeped inside

What are your top tips for keeping your handbags looking their best?

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