Saturday, 2 April 2016

The £5 Triangl Bikini Dupe

When Triangl bikinis started popping up all over Instagram last summer I convinced myself that I needed one. But although my heart said yes, my head said no, because at the end of the day spending almost £100 on a bikini is just silly. Now don't get me wrong I'm all for investment pieces and choosing quality over quantity, Chanel bag = yes, Valentino shoes = yes, but a bikini that I'll probably wear on one holiday then get bored? Na. I'd seen a few Triangl copies around on the high street but the style I really liked was the metallic rose gold, and no one was doing that, so off I went to eBay to search of cheaper alternatives.

Within about 30 seconds I'd found LOADS on eBay in every style and colour you could imagine, and the prices? Ridiculously low. I knew it would be a risk buying from eBay, the quality could be awful and it might not even turn up, but I decided that £4.89 wasn't too much to risk so I placed my order and eagerly awaited. It took about 3 weeks to arrive as it was coming from China and I was so excited when it was finally delivered, if not a little nervous.

To my surprise, and delight, the bikini was fantastic! It feels like real neoprene and is good quality. Unfortunately unlike Triangl you have to buy the same size top and bottom, which doesn't work for most women. As I wasn't sure about the size and had heard neoprene was rather snug I ordered a medium, when I would normally be a small. The bottoms fit perfectly, the top is a little bit big but it's fine, so I would suggest ordering a size up from your regular size. I was so impressed that I went straight back and ordered a second one from the same seller in a different style, which I'm now waiting for. I can't wait to wear them in Florida! If you'd like to take a look then the bikini I bought is this one


  1. When I was clicking onto this blog post I swore this was an actual Triangle bikini, it's absolutely stunning and such a bargain! x

    ~ Darling Jordan

  2. love this post, I have so many eBay bikinis that are absolute life savers being so cheap!! gunna have to get myself a metallic one now, yours is so pretty!
    - Alannah |

  3. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm definitely going to check this out on eBay as I've had my eye on the Triangl bikinis!!

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird

  4. Super cute! Glad you got such a deal on it!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  5. Amazing! I love Ebay when it's right! xx

  6. This bikini is absolutely gorgeous! And for £4.89 not to shabby! I bought a white one last year from Newlook but the material was completely different and I wasn't keen. Excite to order a couple for my holiday now xx

    Claire | My Little Memoir

  7. ohh my, this looks just like the real thing, definitely going to order some especially if there is a white one! thanks for sharing :)


  8. I'm so happy I've seen this! I've been desperate for a Triangle bikini since last summer but definitely couldn't blow that much money on one, so knowing the eBay dupes are decent is the best news!


  9. Has it been taken off? I can no longer find that one on ebay through your link

  10. That is such a good dupe! As it came from China, did you have to pay customs?
    Laura X

  11. Can you link us or refer us to the buyer?


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