Saturday, 30 April 2016

What I'm Packing For Florida

So I was packing my case for 2 weeks in Florida and thought I would give you guys a sneak peak of what I'm taking with me. When I go on holiday I'm guilty of buying a whole new holiday wardrobe, but that's part of the fun right? It's going to be about 33 degrees in Florida so I've packed lots of light and airy clothing as well as practical and comfy outfits. 

Pools and waterparks = lots of swimwear. I'm taking about 5 bikinis in total and I love these Triangl dupes that I bought from ebay (you can read more about them here!). I love sporty looking bikinis and my favourite is this long sleeved one that I got from Boo Hoo last year. It's perfect for Florida as it means my shoulders and arms won't get burnt, and I love the pattern

Comfy Shoes
Comfy shoes are a must in Florida. The parks are HUGE and that means a lot of walking and often spending all day on your feet. I've got 3 pairs of Disney Vans that I'm taking as well as my trusty converse. It's also good to have tight/lace up shoes as otherwise you have to take them off on all the rollercoasters which isn't ideal

Shorts, Shorts, Shorts
Shorts are my staple item in Florida. They are cool and comfy but also really practical for all the rides (because no one wants to be flashing their pants on Sheikra). I got loads of great shorts from Primark this year and I love the themed ones they have like this burgundy Harry Potter pair!  

Park Essentials
I'm going to be taking my Longchamp backpack to all the parks as it's small, light and durable. Inside I'll definitely have my sun cream (yes that bottle says factor 70, I am very pale), park tickets, money and a bottle of water. I'll also be wearing my trusty Ray Ban Wayfarers and a cap to keep the sun off my face. This goofy cap is actually Olly's but of course I'm planning on stealing it! 

What are your holiday essentials?


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