Saturday, 7 May 2016

What I Got For My Birthday

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and so I thought I would share with you some of the gifts I received. I love reading other bloggers posts about what they got for their birthday so thought I would give it a go for myself. I didn't do too much on my actual birthday, just had a nice relaxed day with Olly, but in the week before I had several birthday dinners with friends and family which was lovely. On the morning of my birthday Olly came into the bedroom with an amazing chocolate cake he had bought for me from Wholefoods. It had lots of gold candles on it and I made a big wish when I blew them out. I then opened my presents from Olly which were wrapped in the cutest wrapping paper ever.

He bought me lots of little things as he knows I love opening presents! I love the 'grape soda' pin badge as Up is one of my favourite Disney films and is a film me and Olly went to see at the cinema together years ago before we were even going out, so it's quite a special film for us. A really cool present he got me was a voucher to adopt an animal from Born Free. I can choose which animal it is and I've had a look and think I might choose a turtle! One of my favourite presents from Olly is this Belle figurine, she is my favourite Disney princess and this is limited edition.

I guess my 'big' present from Olly was a gorgeous Swarovski bracelet. It's so sparkly and I love the dark blue colour. Later on I received a delivery which were some flowers Olly had ordered for me, they are the prettiest flowers in the world and look so lovely on my dressing table. Olly's sister Daisy got me a really cool Disney book all about the characters and films, I've already read a bit of it but can't wait to sit down and have a good read. My work colleagues got me a grey Kenzo jumper (which you may have seen me modelling in my Birthday Outfit Of The Day post!) and I absolutely love it. 

My brother surprised me with a voucher for champagne afternoon tea at The Shard which I am so excited about! I'm going to take my mum when she visits London and have a girly afternoon. My other brother and sister in law got me some yummy chocolates from Hotel Chocolat as they know I am a bit of a chocoholic, oops. I got quite a big present from my mum and dad so I'll save that for a post of it's own as it deserves it! 


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