Sunday, 3 July 2016

Disney Pandora Charms

I couldn't go to Florida and not get some of the Disney charms for my pandora bracelet! I've wanted some of these charms for ages but unfortunately you can only get them in America (come on pandora UK...we need them here!). There is so much choice I really struggled deciding which ones to get, and I easily could have got more. The first charm I got was the Minnie Mouse head, which I'd seen on the pandora website and knew I wanted. Olly's parents kindly gave me some dollars as my birthday present so I used them to buy this.

The next charm I got was the enamel Snow White dress. I absolutely love the princess dress charms they are so super cute but it's so difficult to choose which one to get! Snow White isn't actually my favourite princess (Belle is) but I just love the Snow White dress and think it's very iconic, so it won me over and also adds a nice pop of colour to my bracelet.

The final charm I got was the Disney castle. I wasn't sure about this at first as I thought it was too big but when I saw it in person I fell in love and knew it would fit perfectly with the rest of my bracelet. Olly bought this one for me as an extra birthday present. 

And here's what my bracelet is looking like so far, I wouldn't say it has a 'theme' but all the charms are very fairytale! Have you got any of the Disney Pandora charms?


  1. You have a beautiful Disney Pandora charm bracelet, I'm so jealous!! We really do need the UK to catch up and get Disney charms!! xx

  2. That Minnie charm is so cute.

  3. Oh my gosh I've never seen such cute charms before! These are adorable and I love the Disney castle one especially xxx

  4. That Minnie charm is soooo cute! My ex-boyfriend bought me a Pandora with ten charms for Christmas one year but I never wear it any more because we split up! You've inspired me to dig it back out though and treat myself to a few beaut new charms!

    Claudia xx

  5. These are so cute, I don't know why they're not available in the UK! I have a Minnie Mouse charm from Charmelia which I love.

    Victoria x

  6. Love your choices, I had the same problem last year trying to decide, I could have just got them all, well if I were rich enough ;)
    I really hope once the Chamilia Disney contract is up in Europe we'll get the Pandora ones here

    Sarah || Belle's Moments


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