Saturday, 20 August 2016

Bobbi Brown Bridal Make Up Lesson Review

As you probably know by now (mostly because I won't shut up about it on Twitter and Instagram) I am getting married this year and one of the biggest things I was worried about when I started planning was my make up on the day. I have very very pale skin (like seriously, really pale) so usually if I get my make up done professionally I don't like it as I feel I look too orange or that the make up just doesn't suit me, as only a few brands offer make up in pale enough shades for me. I am no make up artist, far from it, but I decided that to ensure I was happy with the look and to save money I would do my own wedding make up. This is where my good friend Bobbi Brown comes in...

I am always raving about BB products so when I found out that they offered a bridal make up lesson I thought this sounded perfect. I know BB make up suits my skin and the natural finish is perfect for what I want for my wedding. The lesson was an hour and a half long and I had mine with Wenlan at the Bobbi counter in Harrods. She was lovely and talked me through each step, not only telling me what she was doing but checking that I understood the techniques she was using and why.

Here's a list of all the make up products she used on me...

♥ Corrector in Porcelain Bisque
♥ Concealer in Porcelain
♥ Foundation stick in porcelain
♥ Nude finishing powder in porcelain
♥ Bronzer in golden light
♥ Lipstick in sandwash pink
♥ Lip liner in ballet pink
♥ Long wear brow gel in grey
♥ Eyeshadow in shell and antique rose
♥ Chocolate shimmer ink eyeliner

Bobbi Brown says that on your wedding day your make up should 'look like yourself, only your most beautiful', which is exactly how I felt after the lesson. I looked like myself, the make up wasn't over the top but I felt like my features were enhanced and made to look their best. I ended up buying all of the make up I tried, which in total came to about £220, but luckily I had a store gift card with £200 on it so I only had to pay £20 in total! I've practiced the make up once since I got everything and was really pleased with it. I added in a few other of my staple products including the Laura Mercier oil free primer, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz and highlighter, urban decay eye primer potion and urban decay all nighter setting spray. Overall I'd definitely recommend the bridal beauty lesson for brides to be! And if you're not getting married then Bobbi Brown offer loads of other make-up lessons also!

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  1. Let me know any tips - I'm really, really pale and make up is such a struggle!!!


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