Sunday, 14 August 2016

My Minnie Mouse Hen Do

So last weekend was pretty fun, because it was my hen do! I have recently moved out of London and back up north, however I travelled down to the capital for the occasion as it's where most of my hens live so it made sense (and also because London has ALL the cool things to do for hens!). The day was planned by one of my bridesmaids, Daisy, and I knew I could trust her as she is a super planner. I was told to wear black or red so I chose a red dress from Asos. When I arrived at our first venue I was given a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, a veil and sash! I loved the Minnie Mouse theme, what could be better than a Disney hen?!

Our first activity was crazy golf at Swingers, which is an indoor golf course where you can drink cocktails as you go round! I was quick to get my first mojito of the day (which definitely hindered my golfing ability!) and we all had fun going round the course. We had some lunch at Swingers afterwards as they have some amazing eateries including Pizza Pilgrims (the pizza was to die for!) and Patty & Bun. Next we moved onto Aqua Spirit which is just off Regent Street to have a drink before our next activity.

We then all headed over to BYOC (bring your own cocktail) in Soho which was so much fun. The idea is that every person takes a bottle of alcohol and for 2 hours you have a dedicated mixologist who makes cocktails from all the spirits you have brought and the array of mixers, syrups and fruit they provide. Let's just say the cocktails were pretty strong and we were all extremely drunk by the end!

But we didn't stop there! After BYOC we headed to Grace Bar in Piccadilly for more drinks and some dancing, and finally onto Strawberry Moons (after a pit stop at McDonalds to re-fuel, of course). I had such a fantastic night with all the girls and it just made me even more excited for the wedding! Not long to go now...


  1. When are you getting married Georgina? It sounds like you've done amazingly well planning a wedding in a short amount of time, I envy you! Well done xx Also, this looks like SO MUCH FUN! Bravo to the organisers xx

  2. Aw sounds like a really great time! :)

    Renee | Life After Lux

  3. BYOC sounds absolutely amazing! Such a good idea for a Hen to go down and have your own mixologist. Great post Georgina, it looked like a fab time <3

    Abigail Alice x

  4. That's such a cute idea. I love the little ears - hope the cocktails were Disney themed.

  5. It looks like you had such fun and love the themed idea. I keep hearing so much about Swingers, in fact some colleagues are over there as I type!

    Victoria x


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